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Valencia, the city of... so many things! The city of sunshine, oranges and paella. Of a vast beach and lots of green, to a bustling old center. Valencia is the third largest city of Spain and the city with the most diversity. It is for a reason that this city is gaining in popularity from other holiday destinations.
In Valencia, the sea breeze is still welcome in September and the sun shines 300 days a year.
The city center of Valencia is a little further away from the beach, for which one can find space and tranquility as well as crowds and conviviality. This city offers an incredible amount of rich colors, flavors and history to discover.
Did you know that Valencia suffered a catastrophic flood in 1957? The river Turia, which borders the old town, was diverted in response. In the drained river bed the kilometer-long 'Turia park' was created, a vibrant park full of flora and fauna where one can enjoy cycling or walking on the way to the old town.

& surroundings of Valencia

The province of Valencia is known for its surprising natural phenomena, friendly inhabitants and delicious food. An example is the county of La Canal de Navarrés, where the olive oil is still pressed into old-fashioned stone mills, where funny cigar houses are located along the country roads, and where you can find endless almond and kaki orchards.
Stay in a pleasant, quiet villa in one of the small villages of the region. From the villa you can start one of our challenging hiking trails. There are also plenty of sports activities to do in the area, such as mountain biking and kayaking. By car you can reach in no time clear blue lakes and pools to cool down, or one of the local restaurants where you can order paella prepared on orange wood in advance. Spaniards love to come here with their families. 
Did you know that paella origins from Valencia and that besides chicken it also contains rabbit? Paella is originally a leftover dish and is eaten every Sunday by Valencian families.


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We all have that one friend in our circles that, as soon as the suggestion for a Christmas dinner has been brought up, has already managed to set a date, to buy presents for all and to put together a proper five-course menu, including matching wines... 

Well, we are quite like that one friend. Even though you don't have a slight idea yet of what you would like to do on your holiday, we will stimulate your imagination, design a unique trip and organize it in detail accordingly. All that's left for you to do is to make sure nobody of your travel companions misses their flight to Valencia.

 The Orange Guide is the Valencia specialist that will take the stress out of putting together a unique Valencia experience, whether you are traveling with your group of friends or company team. We distinguish ourselves by endless knowledge of the most exceptional places, both in the city and in the stunning surroundings of Valencia, undiscovered and untouched by tourism. 
For Valencian-based travel consultants Guusje (Sisi) van Kreij and Evelien Rijpma, hospitality fanatics (who prefer nothing above organizing and taking your care out of hands), nothing is too much to ask and everything is possible.
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We aim to contribute to the common good of Valencia. We show our respect for our natural environment by electing partners who consciously choose to do the same. In addition, through revealing the relatively undiscovered lands of Valencia, we strive to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals. By establishing a lasting relationship with the environment, we thank Valencia for everything it has to offer.



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