Vegan & gluten vrije restaurants in Valencia

This one is for all vegetarians, vegans, gluten and lactose avoiders in Valencia.

You would think that in Valencia, with the Spanish, Burgundian lifestyle, there is little to gain for anyone with specific eating preferences and/or allergies. But nothing could be less true! There are many vegetarian and vegan restaurants, allergies are often taken into account in restaurants and Spanish supermarkets are even ahead of the Netherlands when it comes to their wide choice of gluten and lactose free products. Valencia also makes its gastronomic character in this area more than true.

For the vegans and vegetarians among us.

Despite the fact that, like the Spaniards, we do like a jamon and a piece of queso we are also definitely in favour of the occasional vegetarian/vegan meal. Compared to the Netherlands it might be a bit harder to eat vegan in Spain, but still there is plenty of choice in Valencia as well! As a vegetarian you can always order patatas bravas. But we understand that after ordering a few times it gets a bit boring. Luckily there is always a vegetarian dish on the menu. But there are also complete vegan restaurants. Take for example Copenhagen in the district of Ruzafa, a restaurant with a Scandinavian look, Mediterranean cuisine and Spanish prices. For example, here you have a (delicious) three-course menu for only 11 euros 90. Also for non-vega(n) very worthwhile. Or go on the other side of the center, in El Carmen, to La Lluna. Also highly recommended!

If you want to cook for yourself and feel like a piece of fake meat, then unfortunately you can search the Spanish supermarkets for a long time. The assortment is limited compared to that of the Dutch supermarkets. Only a few sticky vegetable burgers. Lo siento. Going to a non-Spanish supermarket, like the Lidl, is a great idea. option for a little more choice. Think falafel, or vega chicken schnitzels.

Gluten = gluten en lactose = lactosa

If you suffer from food allergies and intolerances, it can be difficult to always take into account what and especially where you eat. Especially if you are on holiday abroad. In Spain, recognizing ingredients such as gluten or lactose is fortunately easy and doesn't require a Spanish language course. The translation for gluten is gluten and that of lactose lactosa. Well, how easy is that! And you'll be amazed at how many times with big letters SIN gluten/lactosa on packages in supermarkets is mentioned. The supermarket chain Mercadona, which you will find throughout the city, has the largest gluten and lactose free range in Spain.

But, if you're on a city trip or on holiday in Valencia, you don't just want to be in the kitchen. Luckily there are also plenty of options for restaurants where they have allergies taken into account. For example Casa Montaña in Cabanyal, this authentic Spanish tapas restaurant has an extensive menu, including enough choice for allergy sufferers. Or Casa Carmelaone of the best paella restaurants in Valencia, close to the beach. Una paella sin gluten is right here on the menu! For many more options you can look at the website of: Asociación de Celíacos de la Comunidad Valenciana. In short: ACECOVA. This organization has a list of restaurants that take gluten-free food into account. If you eat at one of these restaurants, you can assume that they have clearly indicated on their menus which dishes you can or cannot eat.

We say already, disfruta la comida (Enjoy your food)! Can we help you with a reservation at Casa Carmela for example? Or would you like to come with us on a wine tour? Or do you want to discover more of Valencia in a different way? We have more than enough options for you! Take a look at our website to activities. From bike tours to yoga sessions on the beach.

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