These are our favorite eat and drink spots in Valencia

By the way, we advise you to take the Spanish eating habits into account. Although you'll find out soon enough yourself that at most places you'll stand in front of closed doors at 6 o'clock when you actually want a plate of dinner. Read here all about Spanish eating times and habits.


Wherever you go for coffee, order a café con leche if you want a coffee with milk (for a cappuccino you'll probably pay double, while you get the exact same).

  • Trentatres. With a terrace on a typical Ruzafa corner. Order a café con leche with a croissant here, just like all the locals.
  • Flying Bean. This fine coffee shop is located close to the Estación del Norte railway, with what we believe to be the best coffee in Valencia. Don't skip the lunch menu either. And if you have work to do, they also have a co-work space.
  • Mercat de Russafa. Get a delicious coffee 'Valenciana' in the corner of the market, with a touch of orange. For something delicious next to your coffee, you have plenty of choice at one of the delicatessen shops in the market.

Click for some more (spanish) coffee spots in Ruzafa..


Breakfast in Valencia is a wide concept. The locals usually have breakfast with a tostada tomate, also known as toast with grated tomato. Or with a pincho de tortilla. Simple but tasty and you can order it on every street corner. If you fancy a more extensive breakfast, go to one of the following spots:

  • Dulce de Leche. You can hardly miss this spot. And that is very logical. At Dulce de Leche you can hardly choose between all the goodies they have at their counter. From pies to sandwiches and from acai bowls to quiches! Another advantage, there are multiple locations throughout the city.
  • Bastard. For a big and western breakfast. Think of pancakes, avocado toast and sandwiches with egg. 
  • Federal. Hip coffee/lunch/workplace with a menu full with deliciousness, you want to order all!
  • Artysana. Perfect for an extensive and tasty (and kind of healthy) brunch. They have a menu for 10 euros with 3 'courses', a smoothie and a coffee.


Lunch ( comida in Spanish) is big in Valencia, and in Spain in general. This means that lunch is the dish of the day. And so time is set aside for that. Act like a local and have lunch with a ten euros – menu del dia (3 course lunch) or with paella. Both are possible around 2, so keep that in mind.

Menu del dia:

  • Saona. Throughout the city. For a cheap and very tasty menu del dia.
  • Lambrusqueria. Italian cuisine, but oh so tasty. You can get a menu del dia with a salad, pasta and tiramisu for less than 10 euros.
  • Cameleon. Slightly more expensive (15 euros), but it's totally worth it! Olives, soup, a salad, bread with aioli, a pan with paella and, if it still fits, a postre aka dessert.  
  • Walk past all the restaurant in Calle del Conde de Altea. You will see, almost every restaurant has a terrace plus a chalkboard with the menu of the day. Look around and pick your favourite.


  • Casa Angel. Between the rice fields of Albufera. So slightly outside the center of Valencia. But if you have a few hours to spare, highly recommended. Best paella in the area. At least in our opinion!
  • Casa Carmela. A very traditional paella restaurant, near the beach of Valencia where the paella is still prepared on orange wood.


This can literally be done anywhere! Find a terrace in the sun, the more plastic, the cheaper your glass of wine is. But of course we would share our favorites. So:

  • La Estrecha. Located in a small square in El Carmen, in the old town. Here you stand in the last sun of the day with a glass of wine in your hand. Yes standing, because they don't have a terrace.
  • Mercabanyal. A kind of small-scale food hall near the beach. Find a table and provide yourself with food and drinks between one of the seven bars.
  • Fabrica de Hielo. A hip warehouse full of plants and cozy corners to sit. Especially nice inside, or to sit at one of the beer tables outside on a warm day.


The time to eat tapas. Go wild with patatas bravas, cheese and ham plates and fried fish:

  • La Santa. In the nice neighborhood of Canovas, where it is very lively at night. Here you can eat tapas in very generous portions. So don't order too much at once.
  • Taberna El Olivo. In the middle of the historic district of El Carmen, on a small square with a large olive tree in the middle, you can eat typical Spanish tapas.
  • Bar Lapaca. Here you eat the tastiest tortilla and you are in the middle of the gypsy, colorful neighborhood of El Cabanyal, near the beach.
  • Bodega La Paseta. A typical Spanish tapas bar, where you eat at high tables and drink vermouth.
  • Bodega Anyora. Slightly more fancy tapas, here you can really go out for dinner with a nice atmosphere! 

Another option that you will find a lot in Valencia is italian food, for example:

  • La Finestra. Mini pizzas for 2 euros each. Order some sorpresas and let the pizza's be a surprise. You have to be early for a table outside, in the alley where the restaurant is located. But inside is also very nice and cozy!
  • Lambrusqueria. There he is again. Lambrusqueria is also more than good for dinner. The pastas are finger licking good and the terrace outside is located in a small street which makes it really romantic to sit there!

Do you want us to make a reservation for you? Or do you want a place to stay in addition to eating and drinking in Valencia? We are happy to help you, so contact us!

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