Welcome to The Orange Guide! The specialist in creating the ultimate Valencia experience. We'd love you to get to know Valencia like you haven't before.


When you say Guusje and Evelien, you say: warm, cheerful, adventurous and hospitable. Hospitality is what we are all about. We've been working in the hospitality industry since we were young, so choosing for hotelschool (Hotelschool The Hague) was a logical step. This is where we met and further developed ourselves as professionals in the hospitality industry.

Spain gives us an endless amount of energy; we belong in the hospitality industry; we definitely should create something in order to combine these two facts!

Our shared love for Spain, for hospitality and for providing an unforgettable experience, is the formula that has led us to start a travel organization in Spain together. Basically, we just cannot get enough of this country and all we want is to share our love with others.

Evelien about Guusje Sisi

I got to know Guusje Sisi as a sparkling and vibrant girl, full of passion and energy. From the moment I got to know her at the Hotelschool, she was always 100% committed, a hard worker, that was immediately obvious. Everything Sisi starts, she takes with both hands, and she tends to go 10 steps further than she should.  

Sisi also has a unique charm and guts. From the start I found her very inspiring in her 'daring and doing'. Every room Sisi enters is enchanted by her energy. She has an unprecedented curiosity and is not afraid of anything.

In addition, she has incredible social skills; if you walk down the street with Sisi and you don't pay attention, she has already had a conversation with the greengrocer, the owner of the local coffee bar and the neighbor. Guusje is straightforward and honest, (even if you're not always up for it...).
I've always enjoyed working with Sisi and can't wait for the adventures we're going to have together!


Guusje about Evelien

Evelien is one of the kindest people I know: interested, caring and hospitable would describe her well. She has the ability to bring people together, has an irresistible charm and is (almost) always cheerful. But not only that: Evelien is a die-hard go-getter and will never, ever, arrive late to an appointment. She doesn't take 'No' for an answer, let alone 'That's not possible'. Dropping out is simply not her style.

Evelien and I found each other in our passion for Spain - we felt right away that we just had to create something with it. Here we are! 

I couldn't tell you exactly how The Orange Guide was born, but I do know that one day Evelien called me and said: Guusje, hold on, because we're going to do this. Evelien stimulates creativity, thinks big and is extremely open-minded, for which collaborating with her means endless possibilities. In other words, Evelien is a golden companion.

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