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SOS - it's raining in Valencia!

Are you in Valencia now, are you staring out of your hotel room and thinking: I might as well have stayed in the Netherlands? Wrong! Even though it is raining cats and dogs, there is really more than enough to do in Valencia. There really is.

Valencia, the city of oranges, paella and... the sun. Isn't it? In Valencia, the sun shines 300 days a year, we wrote this earlier. But this year, like you in Holland, we're unlucky. Where September is usually a sun-drenched month with bare-legged weather, one of Valencia's favourite months (just heat off, but still nice and warm) starts this year a bit less sunny.

But of course, paella!
Originally, paella is made on orange wood, but that does not mean that it should be eaten among the orange groves. In fact, some of Valencia's best paella restaurants serve indoors. Take restaurant La Lonja del Pescado in Cabanyal, Raco del Turia in Ruzafa or Casa Carmela near Playa de Patacona. The most delicious paella in cheerful atmospheres: did anyone still need sunshine?

Time for art

This is a good time to point out all the museums in the city, which are often free of charge. Visit Centre del Carme for modern art exhibitions, admire the abundance of kitsch in the former residence of the Marquis of the Two Waters or visit the silk or Fallas museum for genuine Valencian culture sniffing. Does this nostalgia for the sun still persist? Then take a look at the sun-drenched paintings of Valencia's pride Joaquin Sorolla, one of the most valued artists of the twentieth century. You'll find his paintings, along with works by Velázquez and Hieronymus Bosch, among others, in the second-largest museum of fine arts in Spain (the Prado in Madrid is number one).

Have a drink, why not?

And of course rain (just like sunshine, okay) is an excellent reason to open the bottle before the five in the clock - after all, it's a holiday. Enjoy alternative Spanish atmospheres and the best tortilla in town at Bar La Paca in Cabanyal. Lose yourself with a good glass of wine and piece of cake in a good book at library-café Ubik in Ruzafa. Need some more hipster atmospheres? That's what Fábrica de Hielo proves itself for: live music on Sundays, a burger bar and lots of space: we're fans. In need of classical luxury? Then a visit to Valencia's oldest café is not to be missed: Café de Las Horas in the old town centre is also home to one of Valencia's best Agua de Valencia's.
Looking for something special?
Well, that's where we help out. Opera, flamenco, workshops, (custom) tapas tours or a wine tasting? We don't just think of that and organize it for you; we also make sure that you are picked up and brought home so that you experience as little as possible from the rain. Want to know more? Contact us!

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