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Picnicking in one of Valencia's parks

If you've been to Valencia before, you must have cycled, walked or ran through it. We are talking about the park of Valencia: Jardin del Turia (or the Turia park). A long green strip of up to 9 kilometres long that runs right through the centre of Valencia, full of cycling, walking and running paths and at the end the characteristic white buildings of La Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias.

El río

The park is among the locals better known as 'el río’. The park owes its name to the river Turia that used to flow here. After a severe flood in 1957 which destroyed large parts of the city and killed many people, Valencia was done with the water and the government decided to divert the river. The drained riverbed was officially opened 30 years after the flood as Jardín del Turia, a beautiful park that has become an essential part of Valencia's cityscape and the lives of the locals. Many people sport, walk and hang out here. Also events take place regularly.
Through the surface of the Turia park you would think, enough green for the whole city. But besides that el río Valencia has many more parks. Two of our favorites are Jardines del Real (also known as Viveros) and the city's newest green asset Valencia Parque Central.

Jardines del Real of Viveros

Halfway through the endless Turia park you walk into Jardines del Real (or Viveros). The name of this park is debatable: one calls it Real, the other Viveros. The name Real comes from the old gardens of Palacio Realthe palace of the Valencian kings that stood there until the beginning of the 19th century. When the palace was destroyed, the remaining greenery was used as (tree) nursery, translated this means viveros –which explains that name. Whatever you call it, these days it's a beautiful, public park where you can wander around in peace and quiet. Besides a museum, there are many historical benches and of course many trees and other flora, including a large rose garden. At the back of the park you'll find an outdoor swimming pool. If you like it and want to cool down in the middle of the city then you can buy a ticket for less than 4 euros and you can stay there all day!

Park Central

On the border of the district Ruzafa, next to the train station of Estación del Norte, a new park has recently been opened: Valencia Parque Central. The park is so new, that it can't even be found on Google Maps yet! But in spite of that, it lives enormously. Especially now, in spring, you understand exactly what was the intention when this park was built. Filled with fragrant flower gardens, countless different plants with signs with names ( check it out, learn something about all the flora and fauna), paths where you can lose your way and enough benches for the whole city. But also a high climbing wall, sports equipment and renovated buildings, one of which will serve as a library. In addition, there are several places where children can play and cool down. Park central is chic, and anything but a standard park!

Did you know that all three of these parks are perfect for a picnic? Fancy one? We'll arrange the cosiest picnic setting for you. When you arrive there will be a blanket waiting for you with local snacks and drinks. And we take care of a unique surprise! Tasty, cozy and easy. Book your picnic here.

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