Remote working from Valencia - why the heck not?

You deserve better

That is what we think, at least. Who says that you have to work from home in your Dutch home? Escape the lockdown by coming to work remotely from the (almost) always sunny Valencia! For a tip you have a luxury apartment under the sun, with a nice workbench and excellent WiFi so your work doesn't suffer and your boss has nothing to complain about. Do you prefer to go out in the morning for work, like the 'old days' in those good old days? No problemocoworking spaces are just open here. Good for optimal concentration, and to be part of a community of like-minded people. 

More than just work...

And then, of course, there is the time outside your work. After all, a week consists of 168 hours, of which you 'only' work about 40 hours. That means many hours left over for sleeping and... discovering Valencia! Valencia, the city of sunshine, oranges and paella. But also of the architecture, the beach, the covered markets, the almuerzosand the endless drinks. Valencia has been proclaimed one of the most pleasant cities for expats to live in Europe, and for good reason. The city has got it all. From countless cycle paths to tortillas for a picnic, from inspiring exhibitions to a fantastic park for running or playing French petanque- the latest trend among the Millennials. 

Winter time

And did you know that the winter season coming up is a fantastic season to be in Valencia? The orange trees are in full bloom, providing the whole city with a citrus scent. It is also a wonderful season to go out and discover the surroundings of Valencia and for example to hike in nature. And how about paella lunch on the beach, as Valencian families like to do on Sunday afternoons? Don't forget your sunglasses!

"What about the virus?”

Oh yes, good question. Safety first, and the fact that people in Valencia live more in the open air naturally contributes to this. As far as measures are concerned, it is compulsory to wear a mask in public, including on the street. Fortunately, you get used to it quickly. In the coworking areas, too, masks are compulsory until you sit down, then you can take them off. Just like when you are sitting on the terrace, you can take off the mask. All in all, therefore, it is not so bad. Moreover, the contamination figures look hopeful: things are going better in the Valencia region than anywhere else in Spain. 

Convinced yet?

Then make that phone call to your boss and tell her or him that you are exchanging your current home for a temporary Valencian home (the surroundings will certainly contribute to your creativity and the necessary Vitamin D will ensure that you do not get the flu for the time being), book a cheap plane ticket and you're there! Oh, and of course book a nice home work flat en eventueel een coworking space with us. Do you want to feel like a real local? We will arrange a bike for you, a metro card and tell you the go-toalmuerzo- lunch, drinks and dinner spots. Because that’s something we forgot to mention: bars and restaurants are still open here.

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