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Valencia and its many kilometers of beach

Does Valencia have a beach? Yes, it does! Miles of wide sandy beaches to be precise. You don't have to worry about finding a place for you and your towel. What is useful to know, however, is where you want to stay. Amongst all the other tourists, the locals, near the beach volleyball courts or on a super deluxe beach bed? It's all possible in Valencia, it's just about what you feel like. We will help you find your way around all these beaches.

The beach of Valencia city is a long, straight strip, so don't expect idyllic coves (unfortunately). It looks like one big beach, but to make it a bit more clear, this 7 kilometer long sand strip is divided into 3 parts. From the port of Valencia to the north: Playa de las Arenas, Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa Patacona.

Cosy crowds

Valencia's most crowded beach is Playa de las Arenas. This is the part of the beach just next to the harbour, and therefore the closest to the centre of Valencia. Here most tourists end up without a bike, but also enough Valencians who don't feel like going further down the boulevard. But don't blame these beachgoers, this relatively crowded beach has plenty of other advantages besides its location. There are (free) showers on the beach, public toilets, supermarkets and a dozen restaurants with something for everyone. Among which (good) paella restaurants and trendy lunch tents where acai bowls and smoothies are on the menu.

Being sporty

Do you want to do something active in between all the hours of lying down? Then go to the beach volleyball paradise: Playa de la Malvarrosa. On this part of the beach the sporty ones gather for a fanatic game of beach volleyball. For 2 euros you can rent a ball and take a place on one of the eighteen fields. Or just join a group, most of them just like it! Do you prefer to look from your towel at the sweaty volleyball players? Of course you can, enough space for everyone on this wide sandy beach.

For the fancy queens

Luxury beach clubs as we know them in the Netherlands, you will hardly find in Valencia. Except for one: Marina Beach Club. As they write themselves, an oasis in the middle of Valencia beach. During the day, then. Because in addition to an ultimate lounge atmosphere, including luxurious beds and an infinity pool, the music goes louder and louder throughout the day and you can dance until the early hours. If you want to spend a day in this oasis, you have to make a reservation. For a bed at this beach club you pay 50 euro, for 35 euro you can order lunch and/or drinks from the menu.

Do you think all this lounging is a bit over the top, but would you rather be lying on a beach bed with a sandless towel? In the summer months you can also just rent a bed on both of the above mentioned beaches. This is in any case a lot cheaper, for € 4.50 you can stay all day!

In between the locals

For a quiet spot on the beach between the locals you have to cycle a little further. At the end of the long boulevard you will find Playa Patacona. There are few tourists here, but mainly Spaniards who enjoy the sun and sea with their own refreshments. On this part of the beach you won't find a boulevard full of restaurants and bars. What you will find, however, are a few very nice, mini beach bars in the middle of the beach. These beach bars, called chiringuitos, will be placed at the end of May and will provide you with cold drinks and simple (takeaway) menus throughout the summer. A chiringuito is also perfect to end your day at the beach. Relaxing in a seat cushion or at a table on one of the small terraces, enjoying the last sunshine with relaxed music in the background.

Don't you feel like lying on the beach? Luckily Valencia has so much more to offer. Join us on a bike tour, do a workshop paella making or learn to dance the flamenco. Take a look at
our website for more ideas or book one of our activities for an unforgettable Valencia experience!

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