Wine tasting at a Spanish bodega in the wine region of Valencia: Utiel-Requena.

Choices, choices, choices.

Around Utiel and Requena you will find a lot of bodegas. Some are better known and/or more beautiful than others. With almost all bodegas it is possible to taste wine. One bodega approaches this in a spectacular way, with Spanish snacks or an extensive lunch, while another winery only gives a short (Spanish) tour, so you'll be outside again within an hour. And that is of course not what you want. If you do it, you have to do it right, we think. We are therefore happy to help you with the right choice of bodega. If you are at a through us Carefully selected and of course extensively tested bodega arrives you will be surprised by a fun and educational tour, an extensive tasting with some Spanish tapas snacks and then a delicious three-course lunch, even more wine and with cinematic views over the vineyards.

Nobody wants to drive back, of course.

Only the route towards the wine region of Valencia is worthwhile. With dreamy mountain landscapes, obviously vineyards everywhere and countless medieval villages. And after an hour's drive from the centre of Valencia, enjoying these fantastic views, you are already there. The only question is, who is going to drive? After all, we understand that you won't really spit out your sips of wine during the tasting. That's a shame, obviously. A solution to this problem is to take the bus or train to the vineyards. From Station North, around the corner of the big Plaza Ayuntamiento in the centre of Valencia, trains and busses go a few times a day to the stations near Utiel and Requena. But keep in mind at least double the travel time and some research. Another solution? Leave it up to us! We arrange transfers and will drop you off at your holiday address at the end of the day.

Right in the city

No matter how much fun it is to do a wine tasting this way, if you're only in Valencia for a weekend, we understand that you'd rather discover the city itself. Good news, you can also do wine tastings in the city of Valencia itself! Of course you will miss the cinematic atmosphere and the tour of the bodega. But it is a very good option if you have less time or don't feel like going out of town. The wine tasting will always take place in a typical Spanish setting, with Spanish wines and appetizers. The explanation is given by an enthusiastic Dutch wine lover. Also available in Spanish or English!

Want to know more about Valencia's wines, wine-growing regions and vineyards? We have contacts with various winegrowers and organisations that have a lot to tell about their (ecological and social) business operations. We are happy to tell you more! Please contact us or immediately book a trip to one of the vineyards.

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