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This is what Valencia looks like after all the corona madness in Spain

The borders are opening up again! It is official, from July 1st everyone within the EU is welcome again in Spain and therefore also in Valencia. We can't wait to show you the (still) fantastic, cozy and sunny Valencia. But we also understand very well that it can feel strange and crazy to come this way. That's why we like to tell you what Valencia looks like after the extreme lockdown and the worst corona madness.

A few atmospheric impressions

And we can tell, for us, Valencia is back. Despite last month's heavy lockdown, in which we weren't allowed to go outside without a valid reason (groceries or pharmacy), Valencia seemed extinct and we only saw shutters of shops and restaurants, the atmosphere here is as good as normal again. An intermediate phase doesn't seem to exist here, the city was completely at a standstill for almost two months, but now lives and flourishes again as usual. On the streets you can hear children playing again, laughing Spaniards and people are running, cycling and walking like never before. From 10 o'clock in the morning the terraces are full again with Spaniards drinking a cafe con leche or a beer. And the beaches of Valencia are again eagerly used by beach guests with colored umbrellas and towels, beach tennis players and water sports enthusiasts. Workmen and women are busy placing the parasols and also the beach beds are taken out of storage again. Thanks to the rising temperatures, summer is in full swing here and the atmosphere is almost as usual again.

Almost like old times

With the emphasis on almost. Because of course the after-effects of corona are visible in the streetscape of Valencia. Almost everyone here is wearing a face mask and for every (super) market the stickered stripes indicating the 2 meters distance can be found. Disinfecting your hands wherever you go is also mandatory and there is a good chance that the waiters/waitresses will serve you with a face shield in front of his/her face. But that's it

For more clarity, we would like to present some fake newsout of the world. The statements below that we found on the internet are in fact all NOT true:

Face masks are mandatory everywhere, including on the beach. 

No, it's not. Only in places where it is difficult to keep a distance, face masks are (still) mandatory. This means in supermarkets, shops, museums, cinemas and so on. So you don't have to wear a face mask on your bike, on the beach or while walking and exercising.

Shopping is only possible if you have an appointment or are really going to buy something.

This isn't right either. You can just walk into any shop you want, the only thing to keep in mind is that changing rooms are not open everywhere and there may be a queue in front of the entrance. Oh and don't forget to bring your face mask, because they are mandatory inside shops here.

You have to make a reservation to sit on a terrace.

Nope. Dit is gelukkig alles behalve waar, alle terrassen zijn open en er kan gewoon spontaan een drankje gedaan worden. Met groepen van maximaal 15 man tot laat in de avond.

In short, holidaying in the Valencian sun can be really good. And even though it may feel a little double, we believe that this should also be possible as long as everyone takes into account each other and respects the rules that have been established. Spain needs the tourists again. Because, we're not going to make it better than it is, here too there are plenty of restaurants, shops and other duped businesses that have had to close their doors. So let us show you the real, local Valencia, so that together we can support the locals and give you an unforgettable experience. A win-win situation! Read here more about us.

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